Cushion Pink Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

A captivating piece that beautifully combines timeless elegance with a touch of vibrant color. This enchanting ring is designed to make a statement and add a dash of glamour to any occasion.

At the heart of this 18ct white gold ring is a stunning cushion-cut pink sapphire, carefully selected for its captivating hue and exceptional clarity. The vibrant pink stone exudes femininity and grace, instantly drawing attention with its alluring presence. The sapphire is securely held in place by a delicate prong setting, allowing the gemstone to take center stage and showcase its natural beauty.
Surrounding the pink sapphire is a breathtaking halo of brilliant diamonds, meticulously set to enhance its radiance. These dazzling diamonds create a mesmerizing frame around the center stone, accentuating its color and adding an irresistible sparkle to the ring. The halo design amplifies the overall brilliance of the piece, making it a true showstopper that will catch the light from every angle.

Whether it’s an engagement, anniversary, or any special occasion, our Pink Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring is a perfect symbol of love, beauty, and sophistication. Its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship make it a cherished heirloom that will be treasured for generations to come.

Embrace the allure of pink sapphires and experience the enchantment of this remarkable piece.


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Metal: 18ct White Gold
Gemstone: Pink Sapphire, Diamond.

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